In 1967, The Arnold Engineering Company purchased Ogallala Electronics Manufacturing, Inc., Ogallala, Nebraska. O.E.M.I. manufactures large, high power coils and solenoids. In 1971, O.E.M.I. was made the Ogallala Electronics Division of The Arnold Engineering Company. In June, 1970, to meet the rapidly expanding demand for ferrite magnets, ground was broken for Arnold's new Ferrite Plant in Sevierville, Tennessee. The 65,000 square foot plant was completed and in opera on in June, 1971. In December, 1986, SPS Technologies, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, purchased The Arnold Engineering Company from Allegheny Interna onal. SPS Technologies is a global company engaged in the design, manufacture and marke ng of high strength aerospace and industrial fasteners, precision components, and specialty materials. In March of 1990, Arnold Engineering announced the acquisi on of the Hard Ferrite Slice/Dice business of D.M. Steward Manufacturing Company, Cha anooga, Tennessee. Most of that business was integrated into Arnold's opera ons in Ogallala, Nebraska. In May, 1991, Arnold Engineering announced a strategic alliance with Pyroferric Interna onal regarding iron powder cores. Arnold transferred the produc on of the iron powder cores to Pyroferric and Arnold assumed marke ng and sales responsibility for the majority of Pyroferric's iron powder core produc on. As a result of this alliance, Pyroferric became the second largest manufacturer of iron powder cores in the United States. R H A B P 6 Ogallala Electronics Plant