History of Arnold Magne c Technologies Arnold Magne c Technologies, as it exists today, traces its roots back to 1895 when Bion J. Arnold, interna onally famous electrical engineer, founded the Arnold Electric Power Sta on Company. Bion J. Arnold, the father of the late Robert M. Arnold, was a close friend of Charles Steinmetz and Thomas Edison. His company was composed of engineers and contractors who designed and built complete power, heat, and electric railway genera ng systems. Around 1898, the company patented the first magne c clutch, "The Arnold Magne c Clutch", which was used in electric power genera ng sta ons. In the early part of 1905, Bion J. Arnold changed the company name to The Arnold Company. His staff of civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers con nued in the electric power genera ng field. One of their projects at this me was to design and build the power genera ng sta ons and overhead construc on for the E. & B. (Elgin & Belvidere) Electric Railroad. This interurban railroad, opened in 1907, later connected to Rockford, Illinois. Substan al payment for this project was in the form of securi es in the E.B. & R. In 1924, Bion J. Arnold renamed and chartered his company, The Arnold Engineering Company. At this me, the E.B. & R. went into financial difficul es and Bion J. Arnold acquired the railroad. However, he kept his two companies dis nctly apart. Arnold’s First Building Bion J. Arnold P 2