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P 12
In March 2012, Compass Diversified Holdings (CODI) purchased a
majority interest in Arnold Magnec Technologies with an
invest/hold strategy. With the support of CODI, Arnold has made
significant capital investments to improve lead mes and
streamline processes.
In 2016, Arnold developed and launched the
world’s strongest Samarium Cobalt magnet
grade, RECOMA® 35E, that enables significant
opportunity for increased performance in
smaller packages, and at higher temperatures,
with no trade-off in stability.
For a Timeline of
the Evoluon of
Arnold through key
sales and
acquisions since
its founding in
1895, click here.
Current CEO, Dan Miller, began at Arnold in July 2016
and has inslled a culture of teamwork, communicaon
and excellence through our corporate values and the
mindset of operang as One Arnold.
In 2019, Arnold launched the Technology Center
in Madison Wisconsin to facilitate rapid
prototyping and highly customized Research &
Development collaboraon with our Customers.
In March of 2021, Arnold announced the acquision of Ramco Electric Motors
in Greenville, Ohio to advance the companys strategic priories to deliver new
materials and engineered soluons that empower Customers to develop next
generaon technologies. By acquiring Ramco, Arnold expands an already
diverse product offering with industry leading electric motor soluons
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