During 1997, Arnold announced and implemented two major facility expansions. Flexmag's facility in Marie a, Ohio was expanded by 2 45,000 . to accommodate the addi on of the RJF business and assure Flexmag's ability to serve future increases in customer 2 requirements. A 30,000 . addi on was completed at Arnold's Plas form Division in Norfolk, Nebraska to increase capacity to manufacture injec on molded magnets, primarily sold for automo ve applica ons. In December, 1997, Arnold announced the acquisi on of Magne c Technologies Corpora on, headquartered in Rochester, New York. Magne c Technologies is a custom manufacturer of precision magne c rolls and magne c sub-assemblies for the reprographics industry. Magne c Technologies also has opera ons in the U.K., Magne c Technologies Europe, LTD. Magne c Technologies developed the first magne c brush for Xerox in 1972 and Xerox has been MTC's largest customer since 1975. MTC has established a leadership posi on in its market segment with advanced technology and world- class quality and service. In January, 1998, Arnold acquired the wound solenoid business of Premier Microwave. The business was consolidated into Ogallala Electronics in Ogallala, Nebraska establishing Ogallala Electronics as the leading manufacturer of foil wound solenoids in North America. P 9 Magnetic Technologies in Rochester, NY Current Headquarters